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As well as rentals, Titan Tents also provides tent purchase and maintenance options. We will assess your site with you and come up with a suitable solution for your needs, this might even mean supplying you with custom made canvas to fit specific sites.


The canvas's come in a range of colours and can be branded to suit marketing needs. 

Once you have purchased your stretch tent we offer a full range of services to go with it. Starting with rigging, we will install or remove your tent for you; we can provide ongoing maintenance of installed structures and when not in use we can store, clean or if needs be repair them as well.

Ownership - perfect for long term installations

A popular choice for pubs, clubs, hotels and educational centres where open areas are used frequently and in need of cover for extended periods. A stretch tent is the perfect choice given its hardy nature and adaptable style to offer a stylish outdoor structure.


Maintenance, cleaning and storage

Depending on the duration of the installation, you may find it necessary to do routine maintenance on your canopy, this can take the form of a simple check up and re-tension, or potentially revising the set up for a change in the seasons, making it more/less open etc. When not in use, we can store it safely for you and if needs be clean or repair.