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About Titan Tents

Titan Tents was formed in 2020, a team of dedicated stretch tent professionals with many years experience in the industry and collectively thousands of stretch tent installations under our belts.

We are built around a small core team, collectively focused on the user experience and a high quality of finish in what we build. We pride ourselves on our approachable nature, detailed explanation of what and how we intend to create each structure and going that extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

Stretch Tent Installations

Stretch tents are in essence a waterproof and fire retardant three-ply fabric that requires no frame support to create the structures it creates. As indicated in the name, the canvas is stretched over a series of poles to create the cover required. Due to the lack of frame that a conventional marquee uses, stretch tents become very versatile and as such can be installed in a number of different ways, beyond just the options of one or more sides up or down to the ground:

Conventional Installations

Assuming we are installing in a garden or a field, you have a few options on how you can have your tent installed, with all sides up, or one or more sides pulled down or half down.


Ballasted &/or drilled installations

In situations where we can't use a conventional installation method, we use eyebolts or ballast to create the anchor points needed. This will be discussed on the site survey prior to booking.

Going over things

Rigging over existing structures is no problem at all, be it a small tree, shipping container or fountain, we will come up with a suitable solution for you.